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Lumina si Inspiratie…

Imi place sa privesc sarbatorile de Paste ca o sursa de lumina si inspiratie! De cele mai multe ori plec din Bucuresti tocmai pentru a-mi mai elibera mintea si a-mi reincarca bateriile… pentru a ma intoarce cu forte proaspete si ochii mai larg deschis dupa oportunitati!

Rasfoind netul si multimea de mailuri din Inboxuri am dat peste doua lucruri interesante: O maxima si un articol! Amandoua inspirationale! Vi le recomand ca o renastere a spiritului si a mintii si ca o metoda de a mai pastra putin spiritul Pastelui!

“Lucrurile rele nu sunt cel mai rau lucru care ni se poate intampla. Nimic este cel mai rau lucru care ni se poate intampla.” Richard Bach

Iar articolul este despre puterea de a te elibera din prejudecati si de a-ti stabili propriul drum in viata si de a te bucura de libertate si independenta – ca antreprenor!  Imi aduc aminte ca aceleasi sentimente si ganduri ma incercau si pe mine cand am pornit pe acest drum! Mi-a placut articolul pentru ca mi-a adus aminte inca o data de ce sunt ceea ce sunt si de ce fac ceea ce fac! Mai ales…mi se pare un bun exemplu de “gandire PICANTa”! Cititi-l si inspirati-va!(am selectat doar cateva pasaje care mie mi s-au parut mai reprezentative si inspirationale…intreg articolul merita citit!)

Laura’s Liberation Story

I had just been at my first job out of college for a little over a year. I felt like wanting to quit was irresponsible. I was surrounded by people telling me to “pay my dues” and “put in my time.”  It’s not even the old cliché of the corporate ladder, I was a designer and enjoyed a creative job at a small company. By most accounts I enjoyed my job just fine. But I wanted something more.


I might not have had the courage to quit my job if it weren’t for a few baby steps that didn’t pan out. First of all, whenever I told people I was going into business for myself they would always say oh how many clients do you have lined up? The answer was NONE! I don’t know about your business, but I don’t get a ton of calls from people telling they want to sign a contract for work that will be done in 3 months. You can’t really plan this stuff out in advance. People don’t call you until they are ready to go. Some designers freelance on the side for years and then launch their business when they’re at full capacity. I never did that. I have never had any desire to work two full-time jobs or to work all night after getting home from work. Guess what a good motivator for making your business work is? You HAVE to if you want to eat because you don’t have any other income coming in! But you know what, that isn’t really accurate. That is not what motivates me. What motivates me is not fear of not having money but the excitement and fulfillment of succeeding. When I started I was SO full of excitement and energy about my new business that it was impossible to contain my enthusiasm! And when you are that enthusiastic about your business it’s hard for that not to rub off on others.


I am still on my journey. I am not yet one of those stories making $50k/month for doing a few hours of work a day. I am still deciding what kind of life I truly desire, and making my path towards getting there. But I will tell you what I do have now. I have complete and TOTAL freedom over how I spend my time. I have an amazing staff that helps me run my business. I have enough money to be able to do the things that my my life easy – eat out, have someone else clean my house, buy a plane ticket to see my friends and family when I miss them. When I feel like taking a break during the day I go cuddle my cat, or stroll around the neighborhood for however long I desire.

Life is sweet.”

Intreg articolul aici.

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